An introduction

Over the next few months I shall set out on various adventures accompanied by varied individuals for different parts of the adventure.

The role of this blog is to record that time for the satisfaction of ourselves and anyone sufficiently interested to log onto it. The aspiration is that the blog will both inform and entertain. Sometimes these may conflict in which case entertain ( at least my view thereof ) will tend to nudge out the duller aspects of inform.  Ninety five percent of the time what is written will be a faithful representation of the adventures. Infrequently, the story told is anchored in the actual experience but be an embellishment of that experience.

The first adventure will be three men taking ten days to ride their motorbikes from Melbourne to Perth.

The second adventure will be four work colleagues yahooing to Rio de Janiero  to experience the World Cup carnival for two weeks.

The third adventure is me, just me, continuing the World Cup experience in Porto Alegre, Salvador and Brasilia until that carnival is complete and a winner has held the trophy aloft.

The fourth adventure is the a family adventure and for six months one father, one mother, one son and one daughter will travel through Central  and South America.

There are some smaller adventures they may draw comment along the way. Who am I ? Who are the others ? For the moment  hidden until the adventures commence and my expertise with the medium improves.