Barcelona-Additional and final considerations

There are plentiful reasons to visit Barcelona. Food, Gaudi, Dali and Miro are my key four reasons. I have more than four and have found shelf space for these additional considerations:

1. Football. At this moment in time Barca, Barca, BaaaaarCA may not be enjoying success as it is relatively defined. That relativity being a compare and contrast to Real Madrid. However, in absolute terms, Barcelona is a team that knocks the ball around better than most on the planet. With many big names taking to the field each week, no name is bigger, or in my view better, than Lionel Messi. I consider him to be the Worlds greatest footballer. So I took a photo of him from a seat, very high in Camp Nou, using all the magnifying capability my small camera can muster.


I have had the great good fortune to watch Messi play five times. For Argentina and Barcelona. He has had the very good grace to score on each occasion and twice at one game.

2. Pedestrian Crossings. There are many of these in Barcelona. The tacit contract between pedestrian and motorist is that all this utility is offered to the pedestrian provided they do not abuse its availability. Specifically, cars will halt as long as pedestrians march surely and quickly between pavements. This contract is reinforced with the programming of the lights. A green man illuminates and pedestrians walk. The green man at its appointed interval, is switched off, and a red man is illuminated. A fraction of a second later the lights facing the motorist turn green!!!! At that precise moment any person still between pavements ceases to be a protected pedestrian and is redefined as ……a target:


Walk now? Go On. I’ll capture your likeness bouncing off the bonnet of a Seat.

3. Odours. Cigar smoke more frequently than most places. I rather like that odour. Sewerage more frequently than most places and I rather wish the drainage was more effective.

4. Christmas marvels. In Melbourne we have the Myer windows. Altered each year to tell a new story. Models of characters are displayed one window at a time across the store’s Bourke Street frontage. With difficult movements these characters tell a festive story as the children move from left to right across the store frontage. In ┬áBarcelona the equivalent we saw were a series of snow domes containing stories of festive intent. They were great. They beat Myer and its animations despite my tendency to back my local team.

5. Gaudi. Gaudi Again, never duller for repetition. He is so good that the chimney pots and ventilation shafts on the rooftop of Palau Guell are a lovely way to farewell Barcelona: